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Have you seen my video resume?

I had a lot of fun completing the entire project with nothing more than a camera assistant (my wife). I wrote, directed, produced, shot, starred in, voiced and edited this piece; and am satisfied with the final result.


How exactly does someone like this from Sunny Southern California end up at Great White North? Road trip? On the back of a donkey? Or 1st class shipping for a valued member of the management team tasked with the launch of a Visual Effects Studio in Toronto.

Hi My name is Ken and my passion for production and creative direction date back more than two decades when I was faced with a choice between joining the 7th grade orchestra and art classes. As I explained to my parents, I had decided to take art classes because I hated car commercials. Ridiculous, I know, car commercials, but I was convinced that I could create more engaging content than the commercials I saw TV. That decision lead me to Film School where I graduated top of my class with a bachelor’s degree in commercial film.


Then, after two years working in Television News as a Videographer and editor, I ventured into  Visual Effects where I developed a healthy list of film credits over 8 years.

I had a lot of fun working on films ranging from "Man of Steel" to "Poltergeist". I got to work with software developers to help build and improve proprietary software, played an integral role in several pipeline and workflow changes that were implemented company wide and managed production schedules in my department.

As a Visual Effects Supervisor, I transferred from San Diego to Toronto in 2014 and I fell in love with Canada. I mean, playing in the Snow, Universal Healthcare, and Real Maple Syrup.


My achievements can be attributed to my technical expertise including my ability to learn new software quickly, and my aptitude for responding effectively to ever-changing conditions in fast paced and often hectic environments. As an innovator and an effective communicator, I specialize in finding creative solutions to some of the most difficult problems. I have also made great contribution s as a motivational leader and team builder who continuously delivers results beyond expectations. And with my career, highlighted by a series of advanced positions in marketing as a creative director and as a project coordinator I am looking to make an immediate and impactful contribution to your organization. If you’ve made it this far, I ‘d like to invite you to discover more starting with LinkedIn. This is me.

Please feel free to share this video, like and subscribe to my YouTube channel for future updates and more content And Hey, check out my first video resume tribute to “How I Met Your Mother.” Cheers!

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